New Hydrophone Versions:

V2 Single hydrophone Suspended by 3d printed mount in order to avoid vibrations

Stereo Hydrophone Prototype

Acoustics projects

I have always been fascinated by the sea and wanted to approach it from a new angle: sound. There are multiple projects i am working on in parallel and most if not all of these are still ongoing.

Hydrophone V1

The hydrophone above is a first version based on the instructions I found in a instruction manual online. There are some adjustments i chose to make such as adding a metal spring where the wire connects to the epoxy for added strength. Currently I have only tested this microphone in the IJ river in Amsterdam and I was able to pick up some vibrations emitted by large boats. Currently I am using Audacity as a software to analyse the audio data however I am looking at software such as Adobe Audition.

Performing Fourier Transformation on an Arduino to pick up peak audio frequencies