This is the page that will describe my progress in blacksmithing.

Carving Knife

This knife has been designed to have a curved blade and a hard tip.

Straight Razor

This Knife is has a flat ground bevel on one side and a hollow ground bevel on the other. Since the edge is very thin the knife needs to be heat treated very accurately to prevent cracking.

Oyster Knife

This knife is meant to open oysters and thus needs a very hard tip however a relatively flexible blade for prying the oyster open. A metal guard is added at the front in case the knife slips.

First commission

First knife order. Up-cycled a sheer blade. Flat ground both sides, textured handle.

This knife was created for knife throwing. It therefore needs to be well balanced and needs to have a strong tip.

Metal grain size research

Personal investigation into metal grain research and how heat treatment can change the grain size of metal.

Heat treatment of metal

Here I investigated the heat treatment of metal depending on the purpose of the tool.

Knife grinds and purpose

Short investigation on the different types of knife grinds and their applications.